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The Deluxe Home

The Deluxe Home

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Everything you need to bring peace and freshness to your home.

More actually is better — especially when lovingly combined into the ultimate bundle. Cleanse, restore, reset, breathe. It’s all here, and it’s all working together.

This delightful bundle includes:

  • Kitchen Spray - 475 ml Lemon, grapefruit, and tea tree multi-purpose anti-bacterial surface spray.

  • Shower & Sauna Mist - 475 ml Eucalyptus mist to elevate your shower or sauna experience.

  • The Soap - Eucalyptus - 475 ml Eucalyptus hand soap.

  • The Soap - Eucalyptus - 250 ML Eucalyptus hand soap.

  • Dish Soap - 475 ml Grapefruit, lemon & tea tree dish soap.

  • Dish Soap Refill 

Use it absolutely everywhere for a fully harmonized home.

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