Tallu X Jillian Harris X The Jilly Box

January 4th, 2022



LOCAL, women-owned WELLNESS business announces partnership with
JILLIAN HARRIS & celebrates being included in THE JILLY BOX first ever JILLY ACADEMY box.

TALLU & Co. launched at the end of February 2021 and is a collection of essential oil blends - including a bath oil, meditation or yoga rollers, kitchen spray, linen spray and Hand soap.

“This partnership means with world to my company. Not only is JILLIAN HARRIS a Canadian phenomena, her endorsement of my brand as the “GO-TO for all your essential oil needs” is such a huge compliment.”

Katherine Evans, FOUNDER, Tallu & Co.

The JILLY BOX x JILLY Academy FIRST ever BOX was revealed yesterday, and launches for sale to an exclusive list of insiders on January 6th 2022. https:// jillyacademy.jillianharris.com

Included in this exclusive box is the FOCUS Roller. Designed to bring FOCUS and energy to your everyday, Evans designed the FOCUS roller for men women and children. (Even dogs!) With peppermint, eucalyptus, and ylang ylang - roll on temples, wrists and neck throughout the day.

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