Tallu X Jillian Harris X The Jilly Box

Wow. As I approach one year in business, with wellness growing in the world today, I can only be grateful, humbled and so happy with the year past. Wellness and health with oils at home or with your animals is growing quickly. There are many options in this world, in terms of health and wellness, so thank you for choosing Tallu and thank you for shopping local and supporting me.

The partners I have worked with in the year are each so special to me. I can remember every single “win” and email and call. I know exactly where I was each time and I continue to be excited about every single opportunity today. Essential oils are a part of my life. My oils are in my car, they are at the barn, on my desk, in the bathroom, kitchen and bath. My hope remains the same. The CLEAN, HEALING properties of essential oils is incredible. I will keep sharing the magic with the world.