Tallu X Outpost

Tallu & Co. x OUTPOST

One October morning, I joined the then marketing coordinator at ONNI, Morgan Davis for a coffee on the pool deck of LEVEL Furnished Living DTLA and planned a full three day photo shoot for the brand. At the time, I was running full steam ahead with KSE Consulting a luxury travel marketing & operations Agency focused on the Canadian and US Westcoast Markets with clients in L.A., Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and La Quinta California. I could tell from the moment I met Morgan, I liked her. She definitely thought I was outside of the box - true- but we forged ahead on this three day adventure shooting professional models in the middle of sunny Downtown Los Angeles.

In this world, I believe we are meant to meet who we meet and nothing is a mistake. Today, the Vice President of Marketing at MARCON, a major developer in the Lower Mainland and otherwise is Morgan Davis. When Morgan reconnected with me over a year ago to congratulate me on Tallu & Co. I reflected to myself that it was such a small world - Vancouver, and our industries. We both share a love for my brother Chris Evans who was her then leader at ONNI. Chris always spoke so highly of Morgan and was supportive to her as she transitioned between roles at both companies.

When Morgan asked if I would be interested in speaking with them about a partnership - at OUTPOST - with my then 6 months old company you can imagine it was quite the “lift.” I was thrilled. I loved so much her vision for an APOTHECARY of like minded brands that brought community together. Genius. The connected of potential buyers for a residential developer into their community seems so obvious yet not always the case.

Fast forward 14 months and OUTPOST in the heart of Port, Moody, BC is open & thriving. Tallu & Co has been examined by more interior design eyes, planners, graphic designers, floral activators than I could have ever imagined.

Congratulations Morgan, MARCON and your team on such a masterfully executed project and for building something in the community that gathers people together for good times, good pizza, good beer and GREAT Tallu wellness products.

Maybe we should celebrate with another trip to that pool deck in DTLA?

To friendships that continue and grow and evolve and change. Thank you for including Tallu & Co. in your vision of OUTPOST.



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