My Story

My Story

BLENDS made with love designed to support your life. Create space for you, appreciate every breath and savour the moments.

Local Female Entrepreneur loses entire business due to COVID - and PIVOTS to new business focused on wellness products for home, horse and YOU! A born and raised North Vancouver-native, Katherine Evans tells her story of losing her entire business thanks to COVID and pivots to a new business, making soaps, sprays, and essential oil rollers in her kitchen.

TALLU & Co. launched at the end of February and is a collection of essential oil blends - including a bath oil, meditation or yoga rollers, kitchen spray, linen spray and Hand soap.

Evans also introduced a line of ALL NATURAL pet products for dogs, horses, and cats. Being a MOM to 2 year old Sam and dog owner, lover and animal lover, she knew there was a market for NATURAL, PLANT BASED, ANIMAL SAFE products. Not only did her home need to be CHEM-FREE it became a way of life for her animals too.

“There really was nothing out there that was 100% plant-based and chemical free for the dog, cat and horse. I knew I wanted to produce raw, safe products for my house, home and animals.”

“I believe today, more than ever, people want to feel good, create space in their lives and minds for some quiet and decorate their home in the same way. TALLU & Co’s products are designed to support exactly this. A NIGHT, MORNING, and FOCUS roller of essential oils from Lavender, Eucalyptus, Roman Chamomile, Peppermint and more are the perfect way to bring calm, release anxiety and promote wellness everywhere you go.”

“ I lost my entire business that was in tourism in March 2020 when Covid hit. I knew I needed to find a way to create a product that people would fall in love with, like I did. Essential Oils saved my life. Anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, you name it, I had it. The oils literally helped me breath my way through a pretty tricky time and find my creative flow again.” I am so excited to be able to help people to feel great and navigate life’s challenges with some ease and softness.”

Evans is also an avid Equestrian. After her horse Preston died tragically on New Year’s Eve of 2020, she found a way back to the barn to a horse that needed “a person.”
Evans says.... “I became his person and he happened to be grey in colour. I made a spray with essential oils for him with Lavender, Peppermint and Jojoba Oil. Not only did he love it and want to eat it, it worked so well on his body. “ The DREAM Spray was the first of the line of products for horses. There are now over 6 different products for horses alone.







Here are a few of my most often asked questions for our loyal community! 

Q: Where did you come to love essential oils and where did you learn to make your products? 

A: My very first experience with essential oils started after the birth of my son SAM. I was experiencing all the things. Sleeplessness, anxiety, a roller coaster of emotions. A dear friend with Doterra shared a lavender roller and the rest was history. I still love my Doterra blends and use them daily. The adaptive blends and capsules literally saved my life. The ALIGN grounding blend is also a favourite. When I started to experiment with surface sprays and body sprays for animals - I took several courses from some incredible women at a local SOAP Making shop in Vancouver. They taught me all I know. My encyclopedia of oils is never far from me. I continue to learn, grow, and be mentored by the best. I have been learning from Elena Brewer and Christine Russell for 10 years now. 

Q: Are your blends safe for pregnant women? 

A: Every product is blended with different oils and ingredients. Eucalyptus is an absolute NO when you are pregnant. I would love to connect with you on supporting your journey to motherhood with oils. They are VERY important! 

Q: Do you outsource any products to be made? 

A: At this time I am proud to say NO! 

Q: Are your products locally sourced? 

A: YES! Everything is locally sourced in Langley, BC. The oils come from all over the world but everything is sourced locally which makes me SO proud! 

Q: Do we offer custom labeling? 

A: Yes absolutely. 

Q: Do we plan to grow retail locations? 

A: Not at this time, we are so happy to have moved into our first space and cant wait to welcome more customer to 186 West 8th. 

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