Meet Tallu

Tallulah's Tale

Who Would've Thought a Horse Would Inspire a Business?

Meet Tallulah, my beloved horse and the inspiration behind the name Tallu. This majestic creature embodies everything our brand stands for - strength, beauty, and a touch of magic. Just as Tallulah trusts me to provide her with the best care, you can trust Tallu to provide top-quality products for your home.

The Kitchen Spray That Started It All

A Mother's Need, a Daughter's Solution

Our journey began when my mom was in search of a kitchen spray that was powerful, yet gentle. With her in mind, I developed the first Tallu product from my own kitchen. Just like a treasured family recipe, our kitchen spray is crafted with love and care, blending effectiveness and safety in one convenient product.

The Birth of Tallu

Embracing Change and Challenges Amidst a Pandemic

When the world retreated indoors due to Covid-19, I found a new purpose. From my home, I turned a personal solution into a thriving business. It hasn't been easy, but looking at every satisfied customer, it has been worth it.

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