The Future of Wellness

The Future of Wellness

Before the Holidays, I was asked to be interviewed by Canadian journalist Scott Jacobsen around the Future of Wellness. The discussion evolved and will be featured on our first PODCAST Episode # 1 - The Future of Wellness launching January 15th 2024.

Here is a part of that conversation. Thanks for being here.





Your business, Tallu & Co, was founded two years ago. Yet, you bring a wealth of experience from the hospitality industry, particularly hotels, to wellness. To me, this speaks to caring for others’ wellness from food to sleep. You’ve seen an evolution of wellness culture over time from hotels to Tallu. How will the culture of wellness look in the next 5 to 10 years?


Wellness has, in fact, evolved over time. It was not founded as a complete system, and remains the same to this day. Our idea of wellness, year after year, changes. Where we want to travel and mingle, what we want to eat and drink, how we want to feel, what constitutes our intellectual lives, and such, these are the part and parcel of wellness in life. 

What has Covid done to us and our families, it has changed many things, including our ideas of wellness, too. So, I think, wellness can be described as “overall mental, physical and peace in our lives.”

Hotels are an interesting one. We’re constantly wired and tired. Hotels are supposed to offer a break and respite from these trends of daily living. WELLNESS, today, can be measured by the amount of time away from our phone, off the grid, having experiences with people around us. We now live for more meaningful time together — and relationships are changing more and more. We have fewer friends, talk to others less, and have gone inside — to a place of inner balance, of quietude, a sanctum — to a more meaningful place.

Jacobsen: How do you differentiate fads from foundations of wellness?


I think there are always fads. The world wants a quick fix. Even though, there may not be a fix, or the fix may be the simplest remedies of rest and time with loved ones. 

What I love about non-toxic living, that this is not new. This is not a fad. This is a foundational way of LIVING for us forever. The implications of toxins in our homes and workplaces will start to crop up now, if not yet. And in our kids' behaviours, we can make powerful choices now, and make decisions that will positively benefit us in the future. Where do we shop? Where is our food grown? What toxins do we allow in our homes?

Jacobsen: What does Tallu & Co bring to the table?

Evans: A gorgeous offering of clean, small batch products designed to enhance your space you live in. Make the hard parts of the day better, by being easier, the idea is wellness as defined above. Our goal is to set a tone of WELLNESS. 

Jacobsen: Why are people focused on inner peace and experiences now?

Evans: Covid forced us to go inward and sit a little longer. We learned to love to stay home. Stay close to loved ones, cook for our families and socials differently, Tallu & Co is all about wellness.


Thank you for the opportunity and your time, Kath.

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