Collection: Cold & Flu

Fight seasonal flus and colds before they arrive with the oils, and when they undoubtedly make their way into the household - the oils are the most natural and healing part of our day. 

Eucalyptus has the healing power to ease a heavy cough and open up our airways. Especially for the toughest cough, roll your EUCALYPTUS Roller on your neck, check, black and feet. 

Fight the germs before they arrive with FRESH HANDS - the most delicious hand Sani ever. The lingering scent of sandlewood and amber is delightful. 

Burning a EUCALYPTUS candle into the air set the tone for the most healing sacred spaces. 

Spray your shower with a heavy dose of EUCALYPTUS SHOWER SPRAY morning and night. 

SALT your bath with the deepest renewal blend and steam your system into a deeply sleep-ready state. 

All of these combined - will soothe and add relief to the heaviest cold and flu.